The event was a great success with all the Living Labs sharing their information freely for everyone to grow together.It was really hot here so we were a bit worried about our international speakers from Finland and Amsterdam, but everything went down fine and lots of information were shared.

Day 1 was more about the different Labs and how they were established and the kind of challenges

they are facing as a Lab. It became clear that all the Labs were facing some challenges but that is what the conference was about, to see how the different Labs can help and assist each other on the way forward. It was hard work but we at the Rlabs are up for any challenge, the truth is we never see a challenge but we see an opportunity and I think that is what makes us as Rlabs so successful.

Day 2 the facilitators at Rlabs got to share about Social Media and the importance of the way forward as the LLiSA Network to get maximum publicity using the Social Media Tools. The guys were great and had lots of fun explaining the pros and cons of using Social Media and how they deal with these kind of issues. Everything is drawing to a close now and lots of information has been shared and everyone has a better idea of how we will go forward as LLiSA (Living Labs in South Africa).

Rlabs has put together a great and successful event and we are really proud and appreciative of everyone that participated in making this event so successful.

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