Almost a week has past after the Innovation Fair World Bank event and still its a hot topic for the RLABS team. Today we welcomed Tony Stuart from a local news paper “Athlone News” who did some interviews with the team who did the social media campaign and sharing their experience of this event.

Tony Stuart asked us to share about the life style we have lived and how Reconstructed Living Lab has play the part of our reconstruction. If I would answer how RLABS has has played a part of my reconstruction this would be my answer:’It is the love that they have for people and the community and giving me a opportunity for the creative juice to flow .To put the cherry on top RLABS encourages and supports new innovation that we want to bring in the space. Tony was a bit shocked to hear the stories of the team and how social media has played a part of their reconstruction. This article will be in The Athlone News next week and will be posting it stay tuned.

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