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October 2020

We for the first time offered a virtual learning experience for the RLabsU Program in Namibia, specifically targeting the Namibian community. With the help of RLabs, we were able to bring a series of business management micro-courses as a learning opportunity to people. The response has been positive, with 67 responses on our online application form. 46 people graduated, of which 61% were female.

The Team’s Experience

‘’It has been a great learning journey working with the different hubs and exploring coaching, lead facilitation and admin work for the virtual courses and I must say there is a lot of behind the scenes work to be executed’’ Emily Shikwamhanda 

‘’It has been a great experience, I got to pick up new skills more on the student portal and in communication” Uvatera Tjiramba 


  • This is the first RLabsU Namibia virtual WhatsApp micro-course and the feedback/response has been positive
  • 67 responses received for all 3 business courses 
  • We were able to reach applicants in all 14 regions of the country with the virtual courses, in the past, we had limitations with the face to face offering 

Student Feedback 

Eino Thomas (Male) – Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

  • I have learned more things on how to work with people and that I can still further with the course.
  • I was getting stuck with some questions but on the other hand, my coach was my guide because, in the end, I was happy to have my certificate.

Elizabeth Nanyanga (Female) – Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • I learned that every opportunity has to be taken and I should always make a plan whenever I want to venture in a successful business or event.
  • It was an awesome experience.

Milili Faro Ovens (Male) – Social Innovation

  • Defining a problem, understanding the customer and ideate.
  • I learned new things which I didn’t know and will add value to my knowledge.
  • It was really good.
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