My name is Lorna Leeman, I am 23 years old and I live in Elsies River.

I joined the RLabs Skills Accelerator program in October 2020. I was unemployed for nearly 7 months before I joined this program. After a long period of job hunting, I saw an opportunity on the Zlto platform for “digital jobs” and I immediately applied. I joined this organization not only because I needed a salary, but because I wanted to expand my skill set. I knew by applying for this internship that it would be outside my field of study, but I was ready for the challenge. So ultimately I joined this program to gain additional skills, as well as work experience.

I have been part of the Skills Accelerator venture for four months now and it does not feel that way at all because, as they say, “time flies when you have fun”. I have benefited a lot from this program, I was able to meet new people and became part of a family. If there is one word I could use to describe the people at RLabs it would be “awesome”. I have new friends. I have learnt so much already. I have learnt how to make non-coding websites and apps, I never thought that I would enjoy creating websites and apps. I am part of a community organisation so I can now also take these skills and apply them in the community organisation.

One of my main highlights of being part of the Skills Accelerator program is the fact that I am part of a team that brings out the “real me”. This has made everything so much easier, I can just be my authentic self. One of the courses we are doing in this program is a leadership course and everything in this program allowed me to discover deeper things about myself. If I could just mention one thing that stood out, it would be to “live my life on purpose”. Another highlight was our team hike, this was an amazing way of doing some team building and also spending time with myself out in nature.

It truly is a privilege and a huge blessing to be part of the Skills Accelerator venture. It doesn’t feel like I am working, that is how much I enjoy being part of this program. I am looking forward to learning more and getting to know more people and network with others in the RLabs community.

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