I am Makhumandile Ndarala, born and raised in Cape Town. I matriculated in the year 2014, I had no choice but to find a job because, in the previous years, I lost both of my grandparents who raised me. My mother passed away when I was still a baby and my father drank alcohol most of his life so I couldn’t depend on him.

I previously worked in retail, I had a bad experience where I worked very hard but never got the recognition I desired. I worked in several retail stores looking for the one which will see the value that I saw in myself. There were times I lived without work while staying alone but I never lost hope.

My grandparents always taught me how to survive, because we didn’t have much in the house, I never complained about what we didn’t have. My grandmother always pushed me to study by saying “education will be your bread and butter even if I am no more”. So whenever there is something new to learn, I always took the opportunity.

Makhumandile Ndarala

Having the ability to stay on my own at a young age, helped me very well in holding on to life. Later in my life, I was told that self-development makes life a little bit lighter. So I started reading books, going to the gym, and interacting with people who were in high ranks.

Before joining RLabs, the only thing I used to do with my digital devices was to watch movies and play games. But now I know the importance of these tools and how to use them. I also never dared to put other people first and RLabs has shown me that helping other people to rise helps you to rise.

Since I never knew how all these digital tools worked before joining RLabs, at first they were a bit challenging to use, I had to listen attentively when we had master classes, and then soon after I did more research on every tool they gave us to work with. It took me a few minutes before being able to use these tools because of the learning mindset I have. Soon after, I was able to start sharing what I have learned on my own.

Over the years I fell in love with technology and I started finding ways of making money through it. I learned how coding works, a bit about block-chain and a lot about Forex trading. So when I saw the Digital Skills Accelerator program on social media I saw my bread and butter.

The things that I can do now comfortably are; building a website using (wix.com), building a web application using (Glide apps), creating posters, logos and editing photos using (Canva), making online presentations using (Google Slides). I have learned communication skills both technical and physical. I have discovered my true potential and how to apply it.

In just a small space of time, I have developed numerous digital skills, life skills, and leadership skills. The most exciting part of this journey was being called into the office to come to present the website that I have built. It was my first time being truly recognized by a company that I work for. That truly motivated me to keep pushing even harder.

In my workplace, there were few challenges which were load-shedding most of the time. But because of the great team we have in RLabs, communicating with them is always an easy way to overcome any challenge.

The Yes Apps are so amazing, it doesn’t matter if you have a background with digital tools they are just easy to use. With these apps, there is an opportunity to grow, learn and discover new things every time you start using them.

They just make life easier. I have used these Apps and through using them I have learned different ways of overcoming most of my challenging and that’s because these apps are built to assist all youth out there to grow, learn and overcome their challenges

Working for RLabs has played a big role in my life. It came in a time where I had no income and that time I got married already and my wife was pregnant. So this income helped me to be able to buy baby essentials. I now can feed my family, buy them what they need, and I’m able to pay off my debts. I am grateful.

I would like to tell youth out there, first of all, never give up. Opportunities come to people who go out there and start looking for them. Being unemployed doesn’t mean stop growing, it just means prepare yourself for what’s coming. Never look in one place for an opportunity, always go out your way because you’ll never know what you are good at until you try what is in front of you. Most importantly never lose hope in yourself, you are your motivation and that means before you go out to look for motivation start by building it inside you.”

I appreciate this opportunity to share my story. I am excited for what is yet to come and I am willing to put it all on the line to become successful through RLabs.

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