RLabsU Hanover Park has completed a series of micro-courses in October. We had 34 applicants that have applied for these virtual micro-courses which have been presented and facilitated over WhatsApp. Majority of the students showed a huge interest in our digital courses like Computer Basics, Internet Basics and Web Publishing, without realising that the need for these courses is gigantic. 

22 students successfully graduated from these virtual micro-courses and received a digital certificate. Everything was done in the comfort of being at home, keeping in mind that 82% were female graduates.

Now let us give honour where honour is due. The following team members, who are also known as the RLabsU Hanover Park ambassadors, have made it all possible, making hope contagious within their community. 

Yolanda Gossel – “Is the Managing Director of Five Tulips (Pty) Ltd, a company dedicated to supporting initiatives in social-economic development. The RLabsU Hanover Park has been identified as one of their support programs”.

Mekaylin Titus – “Love reading, reading and more reading. My favourite kind of books are thrillers, suspense and detective novels. A few skills I have are hairdressing, organizing and attention to details”.

Lecrecia Lewis – “I’m passionate about people. I love different types of art especially graphics designs which I’m currently doing as a sideline business. I’m selling clothing and hair products as well”.

Well done to every student. Let us celebrate your achievement no matter how small it may be. It takes a little step to reach the pinnacle of your dreams in life.

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