Last week 3 of our team members Marlon, Rene and Craig attended a two day seminar. The seminar, brought to us by SAFIPA,  was focused  on Innovation leadership and best practices in leading innovative expert organization around the world.

The trainer was Minna Takala from QIS. Ms Takala earlier worked for Nokia Corporation in the areas of innovation, benchmarking, industrial intelligence and competence development. We had the opportunity to learn about the attitudes and behaviors that enhance innovative leadership.

Managing innovation from idea to innovation, is  finding the right balance between values based leadership and fact based management.

RLabs Value – Based Leadership: Presenting hope through motivating and encouraging people, openness to innovation, to lead by example.

RLabs Fact – Based Management: Meeting objectives through managing prepossess and targets, nurture relationships internal and external, managing of innovation processes.
There is no shortage of people with good ideas but innovation needs good leadership and management. Open Innovation is one of the areas that we are  encouraging our team members by pitching ideas to each other and if it sounds good you get to wear a pink,”Good Idea” badge . We have a reward system in place that encourages the ‘idea to innovation process’.

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