May Day or as many may know it “international workers day” is a small affair, celebrated by workers across South Africa on the 1st of May to pay tribute to the workers who were killed in the 1914 strike.

The struggles of workers and their trade unions for solidarity between working people, has been one of yet a constant struggle to achieve fair employment standards. In the lives of many, we owe the employment standards we know today because of the sacrifice of others to pave the way for the next generation.

To all the essential workers – Public Healthcare officials, doctors and nurses, working tirelessly to ensure the health of South African people. To the Law Enforcement, Public Safety, First Responders – ensuring the safety of the people and the Logistics, Retailers and other means of provision, keeping the South African fed under the lockdown of Covid-19. We as RLabs family salute you.

During this pandemic, the growing concerns of breadwinners increase rapidly with the uncertainty of the next opportunity. People are anxious, the unemployed, those who have lost hope and roam the streets of South Africa to make provision for their families to eat. It’s heartbreaking to witness the strain this Nation is going through.

With the increasing efforts of many businesses, companies and other neighbouring countries and most importantly the unity of South Africans to play their part to stay safe, practice social distancing and maintain the discipline needed to help the decreased spread of the Coronavirus.
Many strategies are taken into account to prevent the further spreading of the Corona virus-like companies and businesses that work remotely and recruitment companies that undergo cloud-based recruitments with online interviews to help the unemployed get employed.

These efforts help the economy alongside social grants that extend the less fortunate to all unemployed citizens. With the cooperation of all South Africans, our hope as a country will be restored.

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