My name is Mazwamahle. I am originally from the township called Soweto in Johannesburg. I moved to Cape Town for opportunities and to get out of my comfort zone. Before I moved to Cape Town I struggled to get a job that I enjoyed doing. I learned that Cape Town is the Tech Hub of Africa so I flew down here as soon as I was accepted to a tech program I had applied for. Sadly, the program was cut short due to the pandemic. I couldn’t study further after High School due to financial issues. I had no choice but to look for a job. It wasn’t easy finding one because I lacked experience, but I was well-spoken and confident and was given an opportunity in the call centre industry. I would work for about 6 – months or even less because some jobs were contracted related or I would just give up because I am not passionate about the position. This happened back and forth for about 4 years. I met many people along the way which was how I managed to get other jobs. I realized I couldn’t live life back and forth so I used my savings to relocate.

Mazwamahle Elvis Ndlovu

I joined RLabs because I have been looking for an opportunity such as this, an opportunity that is dedicated to up-skill individuals in IT and Technology. I relocated solely to find my dream job. RLabs was a great start as the skills I have learned so far will help me become more employable. I wanted to grow as an individual, personal development.

I have gained practical experience using tools provided by major brands such as Google and the best thing is that these are free to use by anyone! I have also learned about Google Search Engine Optimization and platforms that need no code to build apps, for me, this was quite beneficial as it was convenient, less stressful and less time-consuming. I have also learned quite a lot about myself as an individual thanks to the Leadership course I had the opportunity to join.

I am now able to help friends and family with tasks I couldn’t help out with before. I also believe I am more skilled and I am more confident. I am also more organized thanks to Google Calendar which I was introduced to by RLabs.

Working within my team has been one of my highlights. We worked remotely but we managed to get things done long before the deadline. I like how we have great communication and work ethic. Lowlights also come from the team, moments when other individuals wouldn’t show up for a meeting or not contribute to work which would result in disappointment.

This is not my first time earning an income but it has helped me to subsidize my internet package to “uncapped”. I also managed to get my computer repaired, looking to get a new one soon!

It seems like Covid19 will stick around for a long time and some jobs have been cut out because they require face to face human interaction. With digital jobs, you get everything done on a computer so it’s a great benefit. Technology changes every day which mean the industry has quite a lot of job openings, also there are free courses on the internet so you don’t need finance to educate yourself in this industry.

To the youth out there, I advise you to go out there and meet new people, especially people who have the same goals as you do. Get out of your comfort zone, search the internet for information. Do what you can with what you have, you don’t need fancy devices to get the job done. Lastly, start now, if you wait, you will delay your goals.

Thank you for the opportunity! It has changed my life in so many ways, especially during this pandemic. Please continue giving out such opportunities so we can make the world a better place.

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