Qhamani is a Xhosa word that means “Glow”. The team at Qhamani provides individuals from townships, with “ready made” toolkits to farm organic produce.  Through a mobile application, Qhamani aims to provide regular tips and information to help individuals produce healthy crops.

The idea was initiated while the group were attending the GROW Leadership Academy at RLabs. They had to identify a social problem in their community and come up with a solution for it.

The Team

Nisha Sibeko: “I’m an outgoing person who is driven by passion and determination, and someone who found a passion in expressing myself through arts. I’ve also come to love the aquatic life, such as observing seals, fish, and exploring new things.”‘ says Nisha.

Sivuyile Mtila: The first born of four kids, and a recovered addict and being a a positive role model for my siblings and community now. “I dedicate my life doing good and want to be a mentor to the youth.”, says Sivuyile. His current focus is on making a success of Qhamani.

Xola Gubevu lives in the Cape Town township Nyanga, and is one of three children. “I enjoy diverse cultures and love getting to know people better. My goal is to study and pursue a career in Law.” says Xola.

What ignited their idea?

“With our love for nature, we became aware of the growing population and food insecurities; and that was the start of the idea for Qhamani.” says the team. They aim to make it easier for people from townships to produce healthy crops and take care of their families.  At a later stage, they would also like to see some families producing enough crops that can be sold to their community and local retailers.

By doing this, Qhamani aims to help families live sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

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