My name is Micaela Petersen and I am 24 years old. I was been born and raised in Mannenberg. I am a gentle-spirited young lady with a great love for people and learning new things. I was in search of employment and a place of growth, I went searching for a company in line with my values and I came across RLabs.

Micaela Petersen

I then joined the Skills Accelerator program, apart from being unemployed due to the pandemic – here was an opportunity for me to be equipped with digital skills at no cost! Since the day I joined the Skills Accelerator program, I have learned everything from creating a survey, building a website, building a mobile application, email etiquette, how to be successful in an interview, and the list goes on. My knowledge has been expanded on so many levels around the digital world. Also, I finally know how to find more accurate data on the internet, the purpose of my Google Drive and all its benefits, how to stay safe on the internet, and also how to structure an email. The facilitators have been a great support and very patient us with thus far.

Before joining RLabs I battled discovering my purpose, so my highlight thus far is joining a Leadership course every week that helps me discover WHO I AM. Also, checking in with everyone as I learn something new about everyone on the team each day. We went on a leadership hike that brought perspective.

I am truly grateful to be part of the Skills Accelerator team with RLabs.

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