Michaela Muller

I am Michaela Muller. I joined RLabs and started working at CMES in Athlone.
I had plans to travel overseas before COVID-19 started but then I needed to find employment instead. It was so difficult, there were not many places I could apply at as companies were retrenching people. I stayed at home for 3 months without a salary.

When I found out about RLabs, I found hope and I didn’t have to sit at home without a salary. I was worried about the family I had to take care of. RLabs has helped me get on my feet again and I was able to help myself and my family with the income I earned.

I have been doing well and have learned so much. Working at the school has allowed me to connect with many students from different backgrounds. I thought I knew social media but I have learned many things I didn’t know, and now I would like to further my social media experience. I have become more enthusiastic and put myself more out there.

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