Last week there was  great excitement in the Reconstructed Session the team was introduced to the Micro blogging site Twitter. Monique Ross facilitated the session and shared some personal experiences how twitter has changed her life. The team described twitter as the celeb’s  site.

Kyle Jonck one of our 2008 Reconstructed graduates took on a challenge where he had to get 1000 tweets over a weekend and his reward will be “a lunch with Marlon Parker” this challenge was achieved. The same challenge was given for this years class but no one attempted it yet. One of the student that is very active on twitter is Megan Hickley she is currently on 623 tweets.

Tonight we are back and this session is facilitated by Brent Williams. Brent will take them through a more advance session teaching them hashtags, how to shrink a link and how to upload a TwitPic. There was also a spot prize (T-shirt) just to motivate and encourage the team.

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