miGOx: Introducing “My Interactive Government Experience”

As we continue our series of introducing the RLabs Innovation Incubator and Accelerator social enterprises, this week we feature miGOx (My Interactive GOvernment eXperience).

miGOx is a technology platform allowing citizens to access open and available government information from a variety of sources via their mobile phone. The information will be rendered in a user-friendly interface allowing citizens to access it via their mobile phone browsers and popular African Mobile Social Network (Mxit) a strategic partner of RLabs. miGOx will also provide citizens the opportunity to monitor promises on service delivery to keep Government officials accountable for the public services that citizens have a right to access. If citizens are unhappy about the service delivery then they’ll be able to flag and rank a service and this will provide them the opportunity to communicate their experiences via the miGOx platform.

The idea is to have a social open governance platform that is easy to use and allow everyone to contribute to the well-being of their communities. miGOx is currently part of the class of 2012 in the RLabs InnovIA, which is the 9 month social enterprise incubation programme hosted by RLabs and partners.

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