It has been almost 2 years offering Mobile Counselling Substance Abuse Support services for people across South Africa. Since then we’ve had amazing experiences ranging from Live television to online and print media coverage. However, the best feeling for us has always been making a difference in the lives of people and offering hope through the use of technology. It is with great excitement when we broke the 50,000 conversations barrier earlier this week (Over 3 Million Messages) and supporting over 12,000 unique users on our Mobile Phone Substance Abuse Counselling Service.

Below is an example of a typical mobile phone chat counselling session (please note T is the person in need and me is our counsellor):

“8:25 PM T: More edgie and irritated
8:26 PM me: Hi
SO tell me whats wrong?
8:28 PM T: husband using tik, want 2 know what the effects is
me: The last time we spoke u were telling me bout ur hubby
8:29 PM lack of sleep, changing eating patterns, unhealthy loss of weight, his skin will be different
T: yes so badly wanne help dont know how
me: He will becum fidgety
8:30 PM Tell me where r u based?
T: i know, my son saw him smoke
8:31 PM me: Does he deny it?
T: (****** NB: We removed location )
me: Lies is another sign
8:32 PM experiencing any of that?
So what does he tell u when u confront him?
T: And then he left doesnt love me anymore. baby of a month old
me: So sorry to hear
8:33 PM R ur family around to support u ?
I’ll be honest with u…
Tik is an evil thing
T:that he can contrl himself
8:34 PM me: it deceives ppl, and ppl think they can control it
T:no, is any of his decisions clear and normal
8:35 PM me: not at all
the decisions of running away cud b the drug…
did u hav any marital probs leading up to his decision?
8:36 PM T: Drugs has always been there but not like this
8:37 PM it was now and again
me: k
Did he ever go for help b4?
8:38 PM R u staying on ur own or with family?
T: he doesnt think he has a problem
me: Thats what we all say
T: me and kids
me: We hav it under control
8:39 PM But the drug is in control
T: how do i help kids are needing him
8:40 PM me: U told him bout the kids?
Hav u got support from family?
8:41 PM T:yes no joy
not really
me: Well I can hear that you’ve been strong throughout
8:42 PM I believe that there is always hope….
8:43 PM u hav to make sure that the kids dnt see him when he is tripping
or on a high
Does he do it at home?
T: Trying my best he blames me 4 every thing
8:44 PM use 2 he moved out. how long does the high last
8:45 PM me: it depends on the intake
Well its the deception that causes him to blame others for his condition
When the high is finish then he goes into a gutter stage…vary low
8:46 PM Thats where he think again about how he can get the nxt hit again
The truth is that he will never b able to find that high he got on the first hit
He will be chasing after it foreva
T: ok u r doing a great job, wish i can get involved and help others”

Fortunately through our mobile service we were able to support this lady by connecting her with a local organisation in her region for further counselling.

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