Today RLabs launched a survey to get an indication of mobile phone usage in South Africa. The survey will be served via mobile social network platform, MXit, to a few thousand users and this is one of our ongoing mobile research studies that we are doing in collaboration with our global partner the Mobile Youth Network . Through this and future studies we hope to bring a better understanding of mobile phone usage in Southern Africa with a specific focus on youth and young adults.

Below we share some of the early findings of our study:

Demographics of the early findings shows that our respondents are 48% Male and 52% Female. The age group with the highest number of users on MXit is age group 18 – 24 with 54% (See image above for age breakdown).

The most popular mobile phone handset is Nokia with 53% of the respondents followed by 25%. The rest of the handsets were:

Sony Ericsson – 8%
LG – 7%
Blackberry – 4%
iPhone – 1%
HTC – 1%
Motorola – 1%
Other – 1%

Our early study also showed that 82% of our mobile phone users are using Pre-paid accounts. It was also interesting to see that Cell C was the preferred service provider with 38% of the users followed by MTN 31% and Vodacom with 30% of users. Telkom’s 8Ta launched during 2010 had 1% of the users with Virgin Mobile not being used by any of our early respondents.

We will release the rest of the study in a few weeks with Youth Research Partners and the RLabs Research Institute giving more insight into the preferences and usage of mobile phones in South Africa. If you are interested in this study please contact the RLabs Research Institute here.


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