RLabs have been using mobile technology since its inception as part of a strategy to drive social change in the lives of people and we’ve seen such a major impact in the lives of people. We believe that the use of mobile technology to provide social and critical services should not be optional but part of any strategy for social change.

At RLabs we use mobile technologies in the following areas:

1) Information Portals

In partnership with MXit (Mobile Social Network), we’ve been able to distribute relevant social content to users via this platform and have more than 140,000 dedicated subscribers to this service with more than a million interactions per month.
We also use mobi-web to distribute similar content where we get over 400,000 visits a month via our mobile web properties. Most of the content deals with issues related to substance abuse, depression, abuse, career advice etc.

2) Information Gathering

We’ve developed different applications and methods to acquire information from users via their mobile phones. It is a low-cost way of accessing data and allows us to constantly know which of our services we can improve to serve our communities better.

3) Mobile Chat

Using the JamiiX platform we’ve been able to engage with more than a million people in 3 years at a grassroots level. We’ve sent more than 50 million messages of hope through these services and we’ve seen the change and transformation in thousands of people.

4) Mobile Social Networking

At RLabs the use of Social networking is crucial and through using it via mobile phones is important. We’ve used mobile social networks for building communities of support where citizens themselves leverage the power of these technologies to uplift and encourage one another.

Looking back we cannot see RLabs without the use of Mobile Technology as the brief descriptions above has revealed that it does make a difference. In total we’ve achieved more than a 100 Million interactions via mobile technology with citizens around the world and if this is only the beginning then we excited about the future as this is after all A SOCIAL REVOLUTION.

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