At RLabs we believe that Mobile Phones plays a big role in the empowerment of people and we specifically see the following areas where it will make a difference in communities world-wide:

1) Mobile Phones will be a key educational tool not just for distribution of content but also to create an interactive environment for learning. Have a look at one of our partners Ympyra who is already starting to change the educational landscape on byte at a time.

2) Mobile in Finance and Commerce. With many of the developing world still not being banked although they are bankable brings an exciting opportunity for the emerging market to be bankable through the use of mobile phones.

3) Mobile in Health care is another area where we see large number of innovations taking place and still not being leveraged as it could in developing markets.

4) Mobile Phones in Government could provide an opportunity for citizens to access government services via their handsets. These could also include providing information during elections etc.

You can find a collaborative presentation below by mobile experts on their predictions for 2020 and feel free to share yours by commenting on this post:

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