Over the last few weeks RLabs started their Mom 3.0 programme that saw many women being impacted by being empowered to share their stories with the world. The Mom 3.0 programme is a follow-up to the Mom 2.0 programme with a short description below:

“Mom3.0 café sessions are hosted for women from the community who are housewives, unemployed, been through divorce and abuse and have stories of hope to share with other women. All the women knew nothing about computers but were willing to take up the challenge to learn. Café sessions are run every alternate Friday teaching the ladies the use of New and Social Media to share their stories and they learn technologies such as GMAIL, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging Flickr, Youtube, internet research, Google docs, Google calendar and Skype.

Another initiative that emerged from the this project is a Social Media programme for young girls who come from broken and dysfunctional homes, orphanages and abusive backgrounds. Social Media is used as a tool to teach the young girls Life skills and giving them a voice to share their stories and to encourage other young girls.”

What also excites me is that the programme is currently being managed by last year’s graduates of The Reconstructed under the supervision of Terence Hendricks. Below is a video of one of the moms sharing more about why she joined the Mom 3.0 programme.

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