I’ve just returned from an exciting trip to Mozambique where an opportunity was granted to explore the technology and innovation landscape in and around Maputo. The trip was in conjunction with an event hosted by SAIS to see the potential for collaboration with Mxit Reach and RLabs along with local partners.

The trip was much more than what expected because RLabs along with Mxit Reach were granted the opportunity to setup potential local operations in partnership with the STIFIMO and SAIS programmes allowing for a wonderful opportunity to see the best of Mozambique’s innovations being showcased to the rest of the world. Visiting a number of projects in the region including Maputo Living Lab, the Kids Club and the revolutionary Technology and Science Park just outside of the city showed that Mozambique is alive with possibilities.

Indicating this amazing possibilities is the collaboration between RLabs and The Kids Club(currently running a Street Kids programming and robotics initiative) under the supervision of the team at STIFIMO who will be setting up a Rural Robotics programme using recycled materials. We will keep you updated with the developments and for now RLabs is proud to announce that we’ll be coming to Mozambique early next year.

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