My experience at GLA has been an interesting and fruitful one. I’ve grown in both maturity and knowledge. Leadership has helped me find my way and know what I want for myself. It has shaped and helped put me on the right path, The path to success. I know now how I would like my life to be and how I am going to accomplish what I want. I’ve learnt how to set SMART goals and go after them.

GLA Student: Robyn Leigh Harris

My first leadership session was intense as we were required to share intimate details about ourselves with people whom we didn’t know. At the time I felt uncomfortable, pressured and fearful of being judged. Looking back at it now, it was truly the best experience as it gave me the platform to get a few things off my chest and speak openly about my feelings.

The person I was before GLA and the person I am now are two different people. I can confidently say that I’ve changed most exponentially. I’ve always found it very difficult to speak in large groups but since GLA I’ve been facing that fear and feel completely at ease when addressing a crowd. Therefore I’ve learnt communication and public speaking skills which I know will stay with me and help me in the future.

Coding has been my biggest challenge. Learning and working simultaneously has put a lot of stress on my shoulders. However, I’m grateful for the opportunity as it gave me the chance to push myself and discover the potential within myself that I never knew was there.

Overall, I love being around the driven and motivated staff at RLabs and they’ve all impacted me in some sort of way or form since I’ve been at Grow.

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