I come from a disadvantaged background where I never had the opportunity to reach high school and for the past few months what I have experienced through RLabs and the YES Program is hope and purpose.

In terms of my personal growth, I have learned to be open and transparent, adapting to a person’s situation and learn new things about life, and how to accept advice.

My professional growth was adapting to a workspace, following instructions, and interacting with people and always being ready for a challenge. The task I have done so far was AI. I never did AI before but I took it as a challenge because I will never know or do anything new if I don’t test my strength and try something new.

The Yes initiative implements hope in my community and is an inspiration to others and also encourages them that whatever they face is not the end of the road, there is help out there through RLabs and the YES Program.

I never thought that I would be able to access job opportunities but that is different now. The Yes Program connected me with young people and my communication skills improved too. I see myself to be exponential, I can build, create, grow, and transform with a purpose and be limitless.

For my future, I see myself as a motivational speaker and also to have my own NGO to empower young people. I will be a successful businesswoman and be one of S.A’s best and beautiful models. But for me to be a successful businesswoman and to get where I see myself in the future, it will take lots of hard work. To be a motivational speaker, I can only talk from experience and share my story with others so that they can be inspired by my true life experience.

If I were to advise unemployed youth; I’d say, things in life or jobs don’t come easy so it’s up to you as a person to reach out and find opportunities. Always remember to believe in yourself first, build self-confidence, have courage, and be kind.

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