Varhika Sivamani

The overall journey of my time at RLabs was one of the most significant moments because it has given me a new perspective on my life.
Firstly, ‘The Story’ every member of RLabs has a story to speak about for hours from their past to their present. Each individual is shaped and built by how they have grown up and what they have seen. Some might have similar backgrounds, but there’s a uniqueness about them. As a result, it binds them together and creates a wonderful bond between each other, even though some might not realize. It creates a space for them to bring about their true self and the character they potentially want to be, not what they have to be.
Secondly ‘Goals’, the impact RLabs has on 10 million and above people in the world is astounding and remarkable because their aim is to afflict 2 billion people by 2030. In fact, inspire and influence underprivileged youth from the age of 18-35 to become employed and start their own enterprises. The mission of making hope contagious is just one of the numerous ways RLabs has brought to the current youth since thousands of people at present is starting to remove themselves from the darkness and move towards a more constructive and gratifying life ahead.
Thirdly ‘Attitude’, the space of kindness, excitement, concerns, generosity and belongingness is the complete package of the personalities and the character-driven out from RLabs folks. In my department ‘innovation Lab’ has its own family bond integrated within the department. Innovation Lab comprises of the youth that has immense creativity and encouraging and supporting each other to grow which is such a powerful mechanism for any working environment.

The ‘Goodbyes’. This is a time of sarcasm, laughter, hugs and tears. For me, I really appreciated the members of RLabs encouraging one another to take steps for him/her to start off their new journey to achieve better and greater. They do not hold each other back, the chiefs celebrate their fellow ex-staff by hosting a small get together with food and music to share back memories with each other and the newmemories he/she will get.
The ‘Spirit’ and ‘Liveliness’ is certainly present in all the individuals. The workspace will only be elevated if there are music and dance involved during break timings since it uplift’s and creates a vibrant atmosphere. Personally, for me, the most important source of fuel, especially at Innovation Lab is music and coffee. The liveliness of the office space booms after their sip of coffee and music played through their headphones while working on the desks.

All in all, I have learnt a lot during the four weeks of being here, but besides understanding and learning about the cultures and society that shapes Cape Town. Most importantly I have developed skills and techniques that I will be using in both my personal and professional life. Personal skills that I have gained from the NGO is definitely not looking back. Everybody has a past and usually, we can never go beyond the mistakes or challenges we face…But in RLabs, we are taught that the past occurrence’s shape us to make positive actions and attitudes to one another in the future.

P.S. Being a youth from India and engaging to the Youth working environment in Cape Town. RLabs has already leaned towards the future of work and dynamic flow of the people.

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