At the RLabs Academy there is never a dull moment. This past weekend we had three of our courses starting, namely: Introduction to Social Media (referred to as Intro), Events Management (referred to as Events) and Office and Technology Management (referred to as Office).

There was an amazing buzz in the space as we welcomed loads of new faces, but also lots of familiar faces. The students were so excited to learn and also to get to know their fellow classmates.

At the beginning the students seemed a bit nervous, but as soon as the facilitators began with the check in they started warming up.

We have just passed the half way mark of our second semester and we’ve already had so much fun. We know that through these classes the students lives are being changed. We asked the students what their experience has been like thus far, and this is what they had to say:

“It’s been awesome.”

“I’ve learnt so much. Thank you.”

“I can’t wait for next week. You guys are so patient with us.”

At RLabs we believe that a class without impact is not worth it. Thank you to all the students for impacting our lives:)


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