NXTGEN Bootcamp

The NXTGen Bootcamp is a holiday program for youth aged between 10 – 17 years old. In this bootcamp the youth tackle complex and technical skills to better their lives and the lives of many by introducing the 4th industrial revolution. This includes the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things, Coding, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we live and work.

We acknowledge that times are changing, changing towards a dream that was thought of years prior to where we are. Where things are moving, whether we move along or fall behind, it’s no surprise that our youth are tech savvy and are well on their way to learning the technologies of this world. 

Here at RLabs, we help our next generation experience a new way of learning where Animation, Robotics and Coding comes with a twist. An atmosphere of freedom full on joy and colours to fuel imagination and to reach the potential of every young person by unlocking the passions within them. With this unlocked passions we as facilitators are privileged to witness the work that over enthused kids do and see on a daily basis and then watch them recreate that scene as their own.

We are passionate about seeing youth flourish and become transformed by their experiences and encounters. Here is a story one of our facilitators shared the experience she had with a participant. 

This is what she had to say:

“I enjoyed this past three days with the kids and what I’ve learned this week is that I can actually talk in front of people, so there goes my fear of public speaking. 

I’ve been so encouraged by the energy, and the urge to want to learn has made my work with these kids so much easier. The bonding, the communication and fun we all had gave me a reminder of my “why” we do this – to help build the foundation of these kids to prepare them for the technology out there.

One child in particular that caught my attention was concealed for the entire day 1, not interacting and being isolated. Our concerns lead us to find out that he has a younger brother there too encouraging him to participate but we got nothing out of him. The following day he came back, after observing and experiencing the bootcamp came back a completely different person.

He high fived the facilitators, talking to other kids, interacting, building and just doing what children do best – which is to have fun. And this particular moment inspired me because I saw what joy and efforts we brought with the influences of his brother and other kids that brought him out to enjoy the experience of this bootcamp.”

– Danika Samuels 

On day three of our bootcamp, the students got the opportunity to showcase their designs in front of the 120 other graduates who were equally successful in this bootcamp. Having heard and seen the transition of this student, we as staff felt like we have done what we came to do, having to help someone by an experience to ultimately have their life and the lives of many be changed too.

Making HOPE Contagious is the goal of RLabs and we are dedicated to reach that outcome.

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