On the 11th of October, many start-ups will be launched out of the RLabs innovation incubator. The types of innovations range from mobile applications to business services.

These enterprises have come through a 9 month incubation period consisting of 3 trimesters, similar to a woman’s pregnancy. During the first trimester, things were confusing as it was just an idea. And as we approached the second and third trimester the idea became a prototype and tested in the market after several developing stages and is now ready to be officially launched.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is an integral part of RLabs, and it provides the community with a space to be creative and find solutions to its own problems and challenges. It is through this environment and focus that the innovations, applications and social enterprises were started.

The founders of the social enterprises are ecstatic about the launch, and will each be doing a live demonstration as they share their personal stories and journey. Many partners of Rlabs, friends and family members will join to celebrate the accomplishments of these social entrepreneurs.

For a brief description of the social enterprises to be launched, please go to the official website of the RLabs Innovation Incubator.

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