It’s been an amazing journey together with our students within this short period of time. Our 1st cohort came to an end. It is our great pleasure to inform you “Endings are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin.” 

We have gained so much from the training we offered from personal growth and being able to deal with different behaviours and some are negative and some are positive towards the work we do.

As a team, we would like to thank each and everyone who has contributed to the success of our first-course offering. More especially our support system from the academy team at RLabs HQ, RLabs Women, and all the other RLabs Family and Hubs.

We appreciate the team that we work with, they are supportive and willing to adapt to any situation that we are faced with. They put people first and by all means bring out the best in them, Seeing the change in our communities is what we always push for and live by.

People were positive and changed their attitude towards life. They appreciated our training because after they completed our programs they kept on checking with us and sending their friends and peers to enquire and register for our training. The facilitation of courses has brought an enhanced knowledge of us as facilitators. Since we are working for RLabs we know that people should come first in everything we do, because we are there to serve them not to satisfy ourselves. It is important to scrutinize the content before delivering it to the students, I believe that as an individual of you who has obtained or done courses with us at RLabsU you’ll continue to share and impact your community as well by the information or skills we offered to them.

Student: Phumeza Dolo

When I heard about RLabs and RLabsU I was desperately looking for a job. I had no money, I had no food and that led me to depression because I was always thinking about my future. The first day I came to RLabs Philippi I felt an overload on my shoulder disappeared. One of the facilitators, Yanelisa Nogemane made me realize that I still have value to add to my community and family and that I can make a change. I enjoyed the RLabsU courses and gained so many skills from Small Business management and Occupational Health, and safety. I even started my own Baking business to put something small on the table and with the help of Zlto, we can buy some items from KFC, Shoprite, Electricity, and airtime.

Thank you RLabs for everything.

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