Today the Department of Education released the final year results for Grade 12 learners (matriculants) and with all the excitement there is always high number of young people who struggle to deal with the outcome of their results. RLabs provided mobile counselling support via JamiiX, contact centre software, and MXit, popular Mobile Instant Messenger, and the response by the young people were overwhelming as they reached out for support. Most of the conversations were users seeking career advice and depression. Alarming was the number of chats related to suicide which is 53 in total.The following numbers indicate the huge response we had from the learners during our 6 hour session:

Number of Conversations/Users: 2,464

Number of Messages exchanged: 51,744

Once again we’ve seen the power of mobile phones in society and at RLabs this technology is crucial to bringing social change in our communities.

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