I’m Corinn-Kay Van Wyk. I’m 21 years old and reside in Eersteriver. I completed Matric in 2017, which was the saddest year of my life as my mother was diagnosed with Blood Cancer and was in the hospital regularly. I lost focus in school because my mind was always on her, but she always motivated me to never give up and to be strong for her, but I wasn’t strong enough to fight that battle. As months went by I was praying and hoping for my mother to be free of cancer, on the day of my Matric ball dance was supposed to be the best night of my life, however, my mother got weaker.

A few weeks before my final Matric exams I went on a camp, my mind was still focused on my mother, little did I know she was fighting for her life in hospital. I got a call from my aunt to let me know that my mother passed away, I felt like I lost everything and gave up. My focus was lost and I ended up failing 3 subjects and failing my Matric year. I felt deeply disappointed.

I managed to do a 10-month business course at Vineyard Academy. My whole life changed when I heard about Naspers Labs from my aunt who was a receptionist at Media 24. My first day at Naspers Labs felt like home and the slogan says it all; “own your future” and I knew I could make it. I got motivated every day.

I then joined the Yes Program and I’m still grateful for that opportunity. The Yes Program had the biggest impact on my life, from the beginning to the end. I could provide financially for my family and myself.

Before I started at Naspers Labs and RLabs Yes Program I was shy, speaking in front of people wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but within those 12 months I became more confident in speaking and even learnt some computer skills.

I was placed to work at Palm Park Primary School, which was my first time at a workplace. Today I can say I learnt a lot from the teachers at Palm Park Primary School, thanks to them I can now do things I would never have imagined and have more confidence in speaking.

My plan after the Yes Program will be to look for a permanent job as my journey officially ends with them but I’m grateful for the 12 months that I could be part of the team. I’ve learnt a lot, and I’m a new person with a better vision and big plans for my future.

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