The InnovIAns had a mini pitch presentation on Monday, 9 March 2015, where they presented their vision statement, defined the problem, and the opportunity for impact and change. The teams did very well despite feeling nervous. They have learnt many things about their start-ups and what the problem really is that they are wanting to solve.

Simone started the presentations off with the Sithemba Development Project which wants to improve early childhood development centres. On the 15th of April she will host around 20 people from various ECD’s and have a Q&A session with them. She also has a 10 week plan to help her understand exactly what problem she wants to solve and who her customer is.


Mishka and Devon presented the Zlato Exchange virtual currency system. A video was shown of various Zafe’s talking about the problems they encounter in the community that the Youth Cafe and Zlato Exchange systems can help them with.


Melanie emphasised that her startup wants to focus on the people who are on the housing waiting list. They want to help people receive affordable living conditions.


Sinethemba and Andile presented Virtual Employment which included a case study scenario to help us understand how their start-up would work in the real world.


Genevieve and Tasriq expressed their concerns about people who are out of office during lunch time, which is the same time RLabs Radio goes live. People also need internet access to listen to the radio. They are currently working on getting their FM licence so that people everywhere can listen to the show on their radios.


The InnovIA teams are currently trying to work out who exactly their customers are by creating personas of their potential customers. They will attend a Design and Prototyping workshop on the 25th of March. This will help them to reach their first milestone which is to design a prototype solution to their problem.

The milestone to be reached by the end of March is to design a prototype for their start up.

All of the best to all the InnovIA teams! We know that you’ll do great.

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