With the increased number of users who connect to the web via mobile devices the adoption of Micro-Blogging platforms or status updating like on Social networks like FaceBook and Twitter has become a popular activity amongst internet users. A study by Pew found that mobile users will Micro-Blog more frequent and the more connectivity devices they have access to the higher these activities on Twitter and other micro-blog platforms.

According to Pew as of September 2009 54% of internet users have a wireless connection to the internet via a laptop, cell phone, game console, or other mobile device. Of those 25% use a micro-blogging service, up from 14% in December 2008.

The Pew report also found that:

– Internet users who use social network sites are more likely to use Twitter or another status updating service, independent of other factors such as that group’s relative youth or propensity to go online via mobile devices.

– The more internet-connected devices someone owns, the more likely the person is to use a micro-blogging service.

– 37% of internet users age 18 – 24 use a micro-blogging service.

This is proof why South Africa has been ranked 10th in the world for Twitter users and activity.

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