I am Keenan Songre and I joined the RLabs Skills Accelerator program to better my skills in the digital world, I also joined it to gain experience in the various fields that the program provides. My goal was to expand my knowledge. The Skills Accelerator program is an excellent opportunity to be able to explore the various fields in digital networking and has many benefits for both personal and corporate use. 

The Skills Accelerator program has given me so many ideas and many things to think about. At first, I didn’t want to have a business until I started creating content for others that are in need or do not have the necessary skill to create something for their company or themselves, the adventures inspired a business idea in me.

Keenan Songre

Creating a poster that could motivate others, creating a website that explains what a community is, there are many things that I learned to create through Google-related applications and the different platforms used to create and publish work. Also being able to join the amazing RLabs family in a meeting further motivates me to push beyond my limitations.

There was a time when I was challenged creatively, I hit a crossroads when I didn’t know what to do with a specific task, but then I reminded myself the reason why I joined this program was to push past the barriers of my mind and do what I signed up for.

For unemployed youth out there, I would encourage them to go ahead and apply for opportunities like this! There are many things to learn and there is nothing you can lose when expanding your knowledge, there are many things you may know but there are even more that you don’t know, apply and learn more so it can benefit your future and yourself!

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