My name is Raees Brene. Before joining RLabs, I withdrew and isolated myself from everything and everyone for the longest time. I was always at home, every day was the same. Covid-19 did not help my situation at all. I thought that finding good work could make a change in my life and while it did, it also feels like covid is forcing me to take a step back but I am just trying to focus on my goals and ambition as well as trying to focus on the things in front of me.

On my first day of joining the Skills Accelerator program, I found the courage to realize my goals and ambitions, this program was my first step in realizing that. What I like most is the inspiration. I have realized what kind of person I am and what I want to be.

Raees Brene

Within the first 2 months, I have learned skills that are very beneficial to myself and my future enterprise. I have already discovered platforms new to me, every week is a new week of inspiration, courage, and momentum. I have already taken my first step in my life’s goal and I would not have taken it if it was not for RLabs and the Skills Accelerator program. We learn about momentum, and how easy it is to create an app or website without coding skills. I learn more and more about myself but most of all, I learned that there are good people in the world, good people that I isolated myself from.

I am more active and confident, personally and professionally. I feel like I know myself more now since working at RLabs than I ever have before. Every week is a new week to learn something in terms of myself at the very least.

What challenges me is the pace of it all and while I love the pace, it is a greater challenge than I thought it would be. The most challenging of all is the covid-19 pandemic. While working from home is great and very convenient, it does tend to throw me off balance quite often, I am still trying to overcome this and every day is challenging in that regard.

Earning an income, in my opinion, gives me a sense of independence that I have desired for so long and while it is not much, it a start to something greater in the future.

The YES apps are great tools for remote learning and working but I prefer being with people in person to interact better.

To youth out there that are seeking opportunity, waiting for an opportunity is not always enough, build up the courage to create your opportunities because the world is not always kind to you. Sometimes relying on others is not ideal and relying on yourself is the first and foremost step, regardless of any challenge that is in front of you because no challenge can’t be overcome.

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