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As South Africa grapples with rapid urbanization and industrial growth, the challenge of managing waste effectively has never been more pressing. The burgeoning population and expanding economic activities are generating unprecedented amounts of waste, posing significant environmental and public health risks. In this context, the principles of waste management and recycling are not merely environmental imperatives but critical components of South Africa’s economic and social fabric.

Herewith Recycling Champion, also known as ReCha, a Socially Responsible Enterprise was birthed through the partnership between RLabs and Third Element Holding with the aims of heightening the waste-recycled information, minimizing the waste-disposed-of statistic and instituting recycling as a standard household practice, so it rewards community, the economy, and the environment in numerous positive ways.

By promoting recycling initiatives, a higher volume of materials are diverted from landfills, easing the burden on natural resources and lessening pollution linked with waste disposal. Recycling aids in conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions tied to the manufacturing of new materials. 

The inception of Recycling Champion – ReCha is driven by the increasing global concern over environmental degradation and the need for sustainable waste management practices. By championing recycling, the initiative not only aids in diminishing the volume of waste that ends up at landfills or incinerators but also preserves natural resources and mitigates pollution.

RLabs and ReCha have an incredidble partnership and investment support from E Squared Investments, a South African Impact Investor that provides funding and end-to-end business support to high-growth businesses, early-stage founders and social enterprises that create youth entrepreneurship opportunities. We are excited to share that we have partnered with E Squared Investments to make an Impact on addressing the Environmental, Social and Economic challenges that hinder the people, planet and spaces we occupy. 

January 2019, Third Element Holdings was established in the recycling, waste management and commodity trading industry. They’ve since established a Training and Development arm that specializes in Waste Management, Health and Safety, and Compliance readiness training. They’ve also established a Global Trading arm where credible recyclable waste is sold to international clients. 

In conjunction with Third Element Holdings, E-Squared and RLabs’ symbiotic partnership since September 2023, ReCha has diverted 365,000+ kgs of Recyclable Waste. A significant step toward a more sustainable and circular economy. It contributes to resource conservation, environmental protection, local economic development, and community well-being, aligning with global efforts to address climate change and achieve the UN’s relevant sustainable development goals. This has also translated to 21 micro entrepreneurs establishing buy back centres with the support of their respective communities. Establishing these centres for recyclable materials represents a proactive step toward improving waste management practices.

Within 36 months, ReCha, through the support of E Squared Investments’ Social Impact Investment, will enable 60 micro enterprises to divert 13,200,000 kgs waste from landfills, create 300+ job opportunities, and  directly impact 1500 livelihoods.

To date we’ve enabled 21 micro entrepreneurs, diverted a total of 365,000+ kgs of waste from landfill, created 65+ job opportunities, and directly impacted 1,200+ lives meaningfully impacted through earning opportunities made available.

Residents can actively participate in recycling efforts by bringing recyclable materials to buy back centres, fostering a sense of community involvement and upkeep and a sense of environmental responsibility.  

Recycling programs raise awareness about waste management and environmental conservation, educating individuals about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials. 

ReCha is at the forefront of this global change and shall continue to strive for excellence, sustainablity and a lasting Impact on the environment for generations to come.

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