The Story of Clinton Liederman

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Clinton was part of the first group who sought help from Impact Direct and ended up under the wing of Marlon Parker. When he sought help from Impact Direct he was broken, displaced, addicted to drugs and separated from his wife, with no end in sight.

After Clinton’s time with Marlon, his life took a 180-degree turn from the drug addict who was separated from his wife to a happily married father of four who has now been working for RLabs for seven years and has been able to give back all the hope he received while being an instrumental part of growing RLabs into the global movement and social enterprise it has become.

“RLabs accepts people for who they are and through love and acceptance helps them be a better version of themselves.”- Clinton Liederman #MakingHOPEContagious#StoriesOfHOPE#HOPEGivers

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