Social Media Workshop


It is of utmost importance for an employee to know and understand the basis of Social media in or around a professional environment.

Remgro, in partnership with RLabs, has provided a 2-day workshop training for individuals to up-skill themselves and to overall have a better understanding of how social media works and the implementations necessary to bring about effective communication.

Day one of this two-day workshop, the students receive a theoretical approach to Social Media. It is widely proven that when it comes to anything social media, e.g. Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter, a practical way is dealt with first, then theory.

In this case, it’s was the total opposite.

On day two , the students were excited to explore the different types of Social Media platforms. Facebook, in particular, having seen that majority of students have Facebook Pages which coincidentally was the topic covered. (Topic in question.)

“The teaching style of each facilitator was exceptional” one of the students expressed. “And without any uncertainty, RLabs staff made learning new things fun.”

A lot was understood and taken in, definitely an opportunity to look forward to as for upcoming training with Remgro.

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