Today the RLabs Academy was buzzing with excitement as we had 4 different sessions taking place and all being packed to capacity. The first two sessions that kicked off the day was the Mom 4.0 and Geeky Moms programmes.

The Geeky Moms programme is an advanced Social Media class for women from the local community who were part of the 2010 Social Media classes. Today the women explored setting up a WordPress Blog and how to best use Social Media to share their voice and empower other women. Amongst our Geeky Moms we also have women who are currently providing training to other ladies in the community. Most of them are excited to share the skills and time to uplift their community.

It was also the first session with our two groups of Mom 4.0 classes where the women were introduced to email and many of them sending emails to some of their loved ones abroad.

It was also the first session today for the Entrepreneurship Group where a number of exciting discussions were explored and was facilitated by Ahmed Kajee. If today’s sessions are anything to go by we are surely in for a great year of changing lives and seeing new champions in the community rising up to continue the move of the Social Revolution.

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