It was another exciting registration for the RLabs Academy in Cape Town. For the first time we’ve offered more than 40 courses in total making provision for more than 1,000 people. The registration started a week ago when we hosted the GROW Leadership Academy Open Day and had a number of young people applying for this prestigious programme. This year we’ll offer a foundation course in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Community Development and Design followed by a specialization module once the students completed their first 6 months. Since its inception the GROW Leadership Academy have equipped more than 500 young people aged between 18 and 25.


The Academy registration concluded with a two day window where community members from all across Cape Town flooded to enroll at RLabs. There was such a great buzz and the excitement in the air was indescribable as we had young and old joining us for the registration. Some of the people indicated that they are just happy for the opportunities they are afforded to equip themselves so that they are able to become economically empowered and digitally literate. What also excited us was that 51% of registrations were all new applicants who will join our academy for the first time this year. We also surveyed members from the community who previously completed training with RLabs and 84% indicated that it had a positive impact on them becoming economically empowered.


We were able to fill 1,400 seats and increased our numbers for some of the digital and entrepreneurship courses. Those who were unable to attend or join our registration this semester we hope to see you in July and thank you to all our partners for enabling us to make HOPE contagious in our communities.

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