Publishing yourself online is essential in the New Digital Age. It is not strange when we see or hear how people refer to each other when having a conversation to usernames created on Social Network Accounts. @ RLabs we feel that building your brand and nurturing your digital personal profile is key to a  succesful future.

We are excited to have 40 students who will spend 10 weeks in an intense two hour Digital Makeover every Tuesday and will build a Self hosted website using the WordPress platform. Many of them are experimenting in this area for the first time and we look forward to journey with them as they learn.

  • Understand Blogging
  • How to setup a WordPress Blog
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Maintaining their Blog
  • Networking Online
  • Publicising your Blog using and Elevator Pitch
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  1. I am one of the 40 students who enrolled to do web publishing and am extremely excited about starting this journey and being part of this social revolution. Thank u Rlabs for affording me this awesome opportunity! Can’t wait to get going!

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