Global ShapersThe past week we were privileged to host the World Economic Forum, Cape Town Global Shapers at the Grow Leadership Academy. A one-day “TED” like talk project was initiated by the Shapers, facilitating an Entrepreneurship Workshop with the Grow Leadership Academy recruits based at the Reconstructing Living Lab (RLabs).

The GROW Leadership Academy is a programme specifically aimed at a 120 matriculants, providing them with opportunity to develop leadership skills, follow their dreams, job and business readiness, development of career options, involvement in industries and become socially conscious leaders transforming communities and various sectors.

Thursday the 14th of March 2013, a team of 6 of South Africa’s, Cape Town Global Shapers hosted the Grow Entrepreneurship session, initiating a one-day “Grow Entrepreneurship Workshop” programme. There were two sessions, each having a total of 60 students that participated in the workshop. This project consisted of four speakers; each sharing their stories of inspiration and opportunity to unpack creative and innovative ideas from the 120 students. The talks covered their personal journeys and backgrounds, lessons learnt and persevering through stumbling blocks

Great value and potential was taken away by the 120 students, after a successful project initiated by the Global Shapers; making hope contagious.

“The three things/lessons I have taken away by just listening to you shapers are 1) What makes you get up in the morning, 2) Opportunity and 3) Never give up.” – Edson Klaasen (GROW participant)

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