Below is an interesting article featured on African Business Review about our JamiiX product that we’ve been re-designing the last couple of months and we will be releasing the new version of JamiiX end of December.

“In Cape Town, South Africa, Marlon Parker, an IT lecturer and entrepreneur, has been using MXit and other forms of mobile instant messaging (MIM) to counsel people, particularly teenagers, affected by drugs, alcohol, and HIV. Many of the former addicts go on to be counsellors at the aptly named Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs). MIM fits the bill perfectly as a communications channel for this audience because it is a non-threatening and familiar way of interacting, a whole lot cheaper than texting or calling, and importantly provides the immediacy and direct communication needed by the vulnerable people using the service. The latest innovation I am watching is Marlon’s recently launched JamiiX, the platform RLabs has developed to manage multiple mobile chat and mobile social networks. It allows eight counsellors to have 300 IM conversations in one hour, massively increasing their ability to assist those who need help. Already nominated for a Bees Award, and now available for anyone to use, JamiiX provides an interesting opportunity for other support organisations around the world.”

Read full article here

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