RLabs and Silulo Foundation Unveil Dynamic Partnership to Foster Innovation and Empowerment in Township Communities

Cape Town, South Africa – April 2024 – RLabs, a pioneering innovation hub, and the Silulo Foundation, a trailblazer in community development, proudly announce the launch of EntrepreNXT: Innovation Uniting Communities. This collaborative endeavour marks a significant stride towards fostering inclusive economic growth and societal transformation in Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain.

EntrepreNXT transcends mere collaboration, it symbolises a steadfast commitment to harnessing entrepreneurship for positive societal change. RLabs, renowned for its prowess in technology innovation and business incubation, joins forces with the Silulo Foundation, distinguished for its grassroots community engagement and empowerment efforts. Together, they aim to cultivate a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that uplifts individuals and communities alike.

Luvuyo Rani, Founder of Silulo Foundation, expresses fervent enthusiasm for the partnership, affirming, “EntrepreNXT represents a pivotal moment in our journey to empower township communities. By synergising RLabs’ innovation with our grassroots approach, we unlock untapped potential and drive sustainable change.”

Rene Parker, Founder of  RLabs, echoes this sentiment, underscoring the transformative power of entrepreneurship. “EntrepreNXT transcends business; it’s about nurturing resilience, fostering creativity, and instilling community pride. With the Silulo Foundation, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.”

The cornerstone initiatives of this partnership encompass comprehensive skills development programmes, access to funding opportunities, mentorship schemes, and the establishment of a shared marketplace. By equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the requisite tools and resources, EntrepreNXT aims to empower individuals to thrive in the digital economy and beyond.

Mr. Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape, commends the partnership as a catalyst for social and economic progress. “EntrepreNXT embodies the collaborative spirit and innovation that define our region. By harnessing the strengths of RLabs and the Silulo Foundation, we can forge a more inclusive and prosperous future.”

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The official launch event, held on April 20, 2024, at the Westridge DLab in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, was a resounding success, drawing esteemed speakers such as Premier Alan Winde and Ms Toni Gumede Manager in the office of the CEO, Brand South Africa, representing Brand SA. The day was filled with engaging panel discussions, showcasing the collective wisdom of industry experts and community leaders. Attendees were inspired by heartfelt entrepreneur stories that underscored the transformative power of the EntrepreNXT initiative. The highlight of the event was the formal signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between RLabs and the Silulo Foundation, symbolising their unwavering commitment to driving positive change in township communities.

The event epitomised collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment, as stakeholders, community leaders, and visionaries united to shape a future where entrepreneurship fosters unity and unlocks boundless opportunities.

As EntrepreNXT embarks on its transformative journey, it extends an open invitation to all stakeholders, community members, and supporters to join hands in realizing the vision of a thriving, inclusive ecosystem where innovation knows no bounds.

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