The past week was another exciting opportunity for RLabs to share with the world how we are using technology to empower and equip communities. Our managing director, Rene Parker, shared the journey of the social revolution at one of the largest creative events in the Netherlands, PICNIC.

This annual event brings together over a thousand creatives from all over Europe and was a wonderful opportunity to learn and share with other like-minded individuals. The talk by RLabs share the history as well as the following key points for Living Labs:

1) RLabs as a community-driven Living Lab provides a space for citizens to participate and grow innovative ideas and solutions.

2) Living Labs without people is meaningless therefore the community being the greatest asset to RLabs

3) RLabs is the world’s first global Living Lab with activities in 13 countries and showing the possibility of international co-creation.

4) Technology is secondary to people in the Living Lab process and understanding the problem is more important than the solution for it.

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