RLabs Cafe – Inspiration and Innovation Brews at Our New Nook

Tucked away in the heart of Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain, a vibrant, diverse community on the outskirts of Cape Town, you’ll find a unique culinary gem unlike your typical café. 

The RLabs Café was established in 2023 along with the launch of the new Westridge DLabs building. It is a haven for craft-cuisine crusaders, coffee cravers and the community as a whole. It may not be the first cafe in Mitchell’s Plain, but it is certainly the first to capture the essence of what a cafe is supposed to be.

It is not the first of its kind in RLabs’ history either, as there have been various RLabs cafés previously set up around Cape Town. However, this café is the first one to both be a profitable, innovative business and create an unmistakable, innovation inspiring cafe buzz.

It has quickly become known as a hub for the community. A place where you’re able to enjoy tasty treats, indulge in a perfectly tempered, delicious cappuccino or a wide range of craft teas. It is especially well known as a space to meet up for personal or business reasons.

But what really makes RLabs Café so amazing?

One of the defining features is its commitment to supporting local food vendors and other small businesses. It was even shop-fitted by Wolf & Panda, an IEP graduate company specializing in furniture design and shopfitting. So it bridges the gap between these entrepreneurs and the community, allowing them to showcase their delicious savories, foods and sweet treats, while generating a steady income for their businesses.

It is a partnership that benefits both the entrepreneur and the community. By offering this platform it allows these small businesses to add to their customer base and this will ultimately contribute toward the local economy.

The café is a celebration of Mitchell’s Plain’s vibrant culture, a testament to the power of community, and a symbol of the potential for local businesses to thrive in unison.

If you’re looking for a vibrant spot to experience an uplifting vibe and enjoy local treats, add the RLabs Café in Westridge, Mitchell’s Plain to your “Places to visit list in Cape Town.”

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Instagram: @rlabscafe

Facebook: RLabs Cafe

Phone: Westridge DLabs Space +27 61 406 9727

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