Over the last year and a half RLabs and TanzICT have been working together to introduce and implement the Living Lab concept in Tanzania. The partnership between TanzICT and RLabs has proven to be a very fruitful one. The two organizations have successfully managed to establish SixLiving Labs in various regions (Kigamboni , Zanzibar , Iringa , Sengerema, Mbeya and Arusha  ) in Tanzania.  We welcomed the Living Labs on Monday into our  hub in Cape Town. They will be receiving training and workshops with our team to get the heart beat of what we do.

These Living Labs has successfully been conducting training sessions with their immediate communities empowering people through technology and innovation. The Living Labs in Tanzania have adopted the RLabs concept and methodology and have been applying what is applicable in their respective regions. TanzICT and RLabs have committed to provide on – going support to these Living Labs and help them come to a place where they will become self-sustainable.
RLabs most recent visit to Tanzania was not only to go and support the various Living Labs that have been established but to also discuss with TanzICT about an on – going partnership.

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