With the year well on its way 2010 will be the launch of the RLabs’ Community Innovation Academy (CIA) and Business Incubator. These additions to the Reconstructed Living Lab will ensure a space to increase social innovation to enhance community empowerment across Africa and other developing countries. We are driving innovation by people for the people that will ensure that communities adopt localised solutions to enhance their wellbeing. The CIA will be the first of its kind providing world class facilities and resources to community members to develop and research innovation to enhance the community.

The RLabs Business Incubator (BI) is another exciting initiative that will be the host for local ICT and Web startups providing various BI services from facilities, training and resources. With the launch of the BI only due March 2010 it has already attracted attention from a number of local startups in the Cape Town area.

For more information about the above initiatives and others contact us.

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