The last few months has been exciting as the Mom 4.0, DigiWomen and Geeky Moms programmes by RLabs have been growing with more than a 100 women being empowered with various types of digital skills. The women mostly from previously disadvantaged communities in Cape Town have been exposed to how to maximize the use of social and digital media to share stories of hope but also as an entrepreneurial and a job finding tool. With only 6 more weeks left to the RLabs academic year, we are really looking forward seeing how these women utilizes technology as a way of empowering themselves but to also make a difference in their communities.

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  1. It’s just so amazing how your program has expanded. It was such a pleasure to meet with some of the moms in May – you are such an amazing team of active and enthusiastic female. You have shown that together you can accomplish new skills and how important it is that help and engourage each other. Ladies you rock, you can rock your communinies and the world !!!

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