RLabs First Thursday’s – 2022’s Grand Finale

This December, we graciously welcome you to join us for the grand finale of our First Thursday events for 2022. Our theme for this year was Expansion. And what we’ve “perceived” thus far, has been extraordinary! Every aspect of what we do at Reconstructed Living Labs, has expanded at an unprecedented rate.

This has been particularly evident in the progression of our gallery exhibitions. It started off so strong. We had tons of support from great names in art, the civil sphere and street culture. As a result it has only grown in popularity. This next event holds some pretty cool surprises in store!

This next event by Dion Cupido, entitled, Jou Ma Se Stereotype, is meant to provoke conversation about how we regard South Africa’s fringe communities and its people. This has been the point of the entire initiative thus far, so to end the year off with such a bold statement, is all too fitting. We have already had so many mixed reviews about the event title.

Some immediately got it, while others were deeply offended and keenly commented… And this is the point of Dion Cupido’s grand finale for 2022 – to see the year out, ensuring these conversations. They’re too important not to engage at this point. We need change, fast. We need unity in our communities and a sense of pride and belief in our collective capabilities. We need to deeply comprehend and internalise the fact that we are more than our circumstances and public perception suggests. And we are able to alter our story and shape our communities using innovation, expression and thoughtful storytelling.

We are about to challenge perception itself. We plan on ending off elegantly, so come “dressed to invest.” The turnout will be the greatest we’ve seen thus far, so please remember to RSVP and avoid disappointment.


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