Marlon Parker, founder of RLabs, was selected as one of more than 60 young African leaders to attend the President’s Young African Leaders Mentorship Initiative and Innovation Summit. The group had the opportunity to meet the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (see video below for speech) in Washington DC who clearly indicated the support to Africa and especially enabling youth to contribute to their countries.

Although another week remains of the 3 week programme Marlon has indicated that the learning experience has been incredible especially covering areas of investment, social innovation, networking and social impact.

“The most exciting thing for me has been meeting amazing young leaders from all over the continent covering areas from agriculture to technology, civic society to government and with the current caliber of people at the Innovation Summit from Africa, I know that we are definitely seeing a new breed of leaders rising up to lead their respective nations in various sectors and industries.” Marlon said about his experience with the other Young Leaders.

Marlon also had a chance to share about RLabs and the work we and our partners are doing. He is currently in Pittsburgh doing his mentorship with Innovation Works who invest capital, business expertise and other resources into high-potential companies with the greatest likelihood for regional economic impact. He has already indicated the great work Innovation Works is doing and the learning experience with his mentor has been invaluable thus-far. We are looking forward to hearing how the entire experience has been for him and the other Young Leaders from the continent and we wish them all well over the next week in the US.

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