It’s the first week of December, some are planning their holiday, some are meeting deadlines, however the RLabs team are still hard at work committed to educating those with a hunger to learn. Intel South Africa has a strong focus to assist organizations with Innovations that move the World forward. At RLabs educating people is top of our list and have partnered with Intel to keep the dream alive for many who are eager to use technology as a tool for a better tomorrow.

The 2nd and 3rd December in 2013 will be remembered for many of the young girls who gathered at the Girl Code event, where they heard from influential leaders in the Industry, were inspired and allowed to action the challenges set out and have successfully built an app using the Hoja Platform. The event was a huge success taking into consideration the girls had no prior experience with coding or app development. A big thanks to those Ladies who took time out to motivate the participants, your words have made a lasting impact.

Share our proud moment with us and have a look at what the Girls put developed.

Michael Collison –

Kuselwa Victoria –

Sameera Abdullah

Andiswa Mdleleni

Shaakira Lewis –

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